Jason Rathgeber

Experienced Fintec Developer Data Scientist Web Guru

About me

Canadian citizen working in New York city.

This site lists a brief overview of my employment history and contains links to some of the projects I am currently working on.


20 Years Front Office IT Development Experience at major international investment banks in London, Zurich, New York and Toronto.


Up at 5am daily I workout and train for triathlons before heading into NYC. Once there I am on the look out for new ideas in Fintec and Markets.


I enjoy working in a capital markets business where I am always watching events and examining market trends. Technology is the tool to track them and automate execution.

Personal Info


Jason Rathgeber

Date of Birth:



Darien, CT, USA


1 203 979 87 59



Pro. Experience

Profession Skills


Financial research and automated trading are key interests of mine. This means studying the markets while looking for trends and inflection points. Technical analysis counts in my book as trading runs on money flow, momentum and reversals.


At work I am involved in GUIs, dashboards and general automation. For example Qlikview is a tool I use to extract information from data while empowering users to explore it themselves.


Enterprise Java is my goto skill and new Web technologies are of keen interest me. I work on matters ranging from trading infrastructure, market connectivity and pricing and analytics.